Allsteel Office Furniture is a renowned manufacturer known for designing furniture and architectural products that enhance comfort, collaboration, and efficiency in office, healthcare, and classroom environments.

Established in 1912, Allsteel has a rich history of innovation, starting from manufacturing custom metal objects to revolutionizing records management with the lateral file. Today, Allsteel's product line includes office systems, desks, office seating, storage products, tables, and accessories, and are committed to transforming workplaces for the better, focusing on creating products that enable companies and employees to become the best versions of themselves.

When shopping for Allsteel office furniture, customers can expect to find products that prioritize comfort, movement, and adaptability. Allsteel's ergonomic seating considers posture, pressure distribution, intuitiveness, and movement to create a comfortable experience for the user.

Allsteel serves customers in the corporate, government, and educational markets, providing quality and professionalism in all their offerings. Discover the Allsteel difference at OFD and find the perfect furniture solutions for your workspace.

Allsteel Office Furniture Available at OFD

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